School's Out, For EVER!

I woke up this morning to the sound of my mums voice claiming to be me to whoever was at our front door. As soon as she said "Yep, I'm Bliss." I knew she was signing for the Sportsgirl parcel we ordered only two days ago!

I was sleeping on the couch at the time because at 3.30am this morning I still couldn't sleep. I dragged my doona, pillow and self to the lounge-room and played my Home Alone dvd. Instead of falling asleep during the movie like I had intended, I watched the whole thing and dozed off ten minutes after the movie finished.

The courier delivered the package so early this morning that instead of springing to life ready to rip open the parcel like I normally do.. I mumbled "That was quick." (referring to the fact we placed our order two days ago) and fell asleep mid sentence.

When I woke up properly, my mum and I organized ten lots of items that I have to vlog in the next day or two.. and then we went shopping. We got some great items from the MNG sale as it's only got four days to go and then we went into Cotton On - which was a mad house because they were having a sale. While we were looking around Cotton On, my mum and I decided to go to a local outlet centre so I put down the $5 top I was holding (as the line for registers was at least twelve people long) and headed for the car.

After a quick ten minute drive we were at the outlet centre, which is like a ghost town. I don't know how any of those businesses survive when we were the only customers in the entire shopping centre - literally!! I went a bit nuts at Guess because they were selling their last season summer clothes and then I went a bit more nuts at the Cotton On outlet. I even got my girlfriend Candy a pair of sandals in the style she loves for only $2.

When I got home, my boyfriend came to see me for an hour and we planned the holiday we are taking for my birthday in August. I can't wait!

Now that I've written this post I will be able to sit down with my bowl of pasta, can of Coke and eleven episodes of Boardwalk Empire. I'm keen for a marathon, but perhaps I'll aim to watch two or three tonight and see how I go.

Thanks for reading. Sorry it was so long!! I'll be posting a photo haul tonight after dinner xx

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