I Want To Be Able To Wear My Hair As A Scarf, A Jacket And A Blanket.

Now obviously this isn't me in the below photos. It's a girl I'm Facebook friends with...
And before you start to doubt it, this is her REAL hair.

My hair was not this long. It was probably five inches shorter.

Skip to 2.25 to see the length mine was before I cut it.

Mine was to my hips and hers is to her bum. She may even be really short and that's why it looks so long on her but damn, even if she was 5 foot, this is REALLY long hair.

I have rubbed out her face so sorry about the freaky photos.. I just wanted to share my motivation to re-grow my hair.

I want it this long.


Krissy said...

hmm i reckon thats TOO long... i think hip length is long enough, then it starts to border on freaky!
but thats just my opinion! :)

Sue said...

wow! that's super long ;-)


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