Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The BAREST Of Them All?

I didn't realize how often I wore maxi skirts until I went shopping with a girlfriend and she pointed out literally every maxi skirt she seen. Apparently if it's maxi, it's me..

If I'm being honest then I'll admit that I have made a conscious effort NOT to wear pants this winter unless I'm going on a junk food run with my boyfriend. And I have purposely stayed away from the long jumper and leggings combo because anything shorter than my knees show off my big elephant tree trunk thighs. I guess I love the fact that maxi skirts emphasize my small waist, big hips and round ghetto booty while slimming out the rest of me. I'm warm and I look hot.. Why would I want to wear anything else?!

I tend to buy all the firm fitting penguin maxi skirts like these maxi skirts from Cotton On. I always wear the grey and navy striped one because it's the most flattering in colour and material. (It looks grey and brown in the photo for some reason) but the other day I couldn't find it and decided to wear the black one.

My full length mirror broke while we were moving house so I took a quick squiz in the bathroom mirror and looked fine.. I walked around my local shopping centre and got a bit paranoid when I noticed my mum walking behind me, trying to look as casual and non-suss as possible, which only made me more paranoid.

It took her running into my legs and butt about five times with the trolley before I asked her if there was a hole or a mark on my skirt that she was trying to cover or if my ass was just a trolley magnet..
She burst out laughing and told me to have a look in Target's full length mirror.

I'm glad I was wearing black underwear and I'm thanking my lucky stars that it wasn't a g-string day.

Have you ever been caught out like this or similar??

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Krissy said...

OMG! no! how awkward!! lol yeah thank goodness you werent wearing a g!!!


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