False Lashes & Scars.

I love the look of false lashes but whenever I put them on, it feels like I have something stuck on my lashes so I'm constantly tempted to pull at my lashes to remove that invisible hair or piece of fluff. 

An alternative for this would be to use the piece lashes. Don't know what the real name for them is but they are the individual lashes that have like 3 or 4 strands. 
Geez, I'm reading back over that sentence and although I'm describing it from my own experience, I still have no idea what I'm on about so I'll put a photo to explain it instead. 

Yes, those. Anyway, I have had a pair of these lashes (made by Revlon) sitting in my room for the last two years and I've never used them. Over the years the dust has collected, I have taken them out of the packet, lost the glue, lost the application tweezers that came with them, eventually stood on the packet when it was left on the floor so half of them are missing. I found a few one day when I was sweeping my floor, they had gotten stuck to the bottom of my favourite pair of shoes. It must have looked like the eyelash fairy was following me around on the days I wore them.

My point is that today when I was cleaning my room, I found them again and thought I'd give them a try! 

I am going to my grandparents house tonight for dinner to see how my grandfather is recovering after his knee operation so tomorrow night when Tuesday and I go out to the cinema I will wear them and do a FOTD. 

I have to buy some proper foundation in the morning and some glue for the eyelashes. 

Will be posting photos of my grandfathers knee scar when I get home. EWWWW =p


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EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

I haven't tried them but I've put them on a friend before and they look so natural and pretty :)

by the way, my all time fav movie is The Wedding Singer and Never Been Kissed lol. Love drew barrymore!


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