Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer!

Today I went down to the local mall. It's actually not a mall, it's a street with some shops down either side and no cars are allowed to drive down there, so I call it a mall. It's actually referred to as '***** Place'. 

I have been looking at old photos (as you can see throughout this blog post) of me with a fringe and it made me decide to buy a fringe extension online. 

I had to go to the mall so I could deposit money into my account to be able to pay for my fringe piece and a Givenchy bag I just bought off Ebay (yes, I'm back on Ebay). 
The fringe was only $8 with free postage and the Givenchy bag (can't frikin believe this) was only 99 CENTS and $10 postage. 
Who the hell wouldn't put a bid on this bag?!
 It didn't have a photo so it could come and be ugly as sin but who cares? I'll alter it if it is that bad. People have no imagination sometimes. 

I withdrew my money from the post office and the lady at the post office has had her hair cut from waist length to shorter than her ears. I couldn't believe it. My hair is almost the same length hers was so she told me all about the fact she thought she was getting too old for long hair (screw that for a thought process) and that she had to argue with the hairdresser to make him do it! Damn right she had to argue with him, if I was that hairdresser I woulda been hesitant too!

 It makes you appreciate your hair so much more when you see someone with really short hair I reckon. I have looked down at my hair all day. Twirling the ends, scrunching it and noticing how dry it is =\. 
I bought some new shampoo, conditioner and treatment so tomorrow I'll do a before and after to see if my hair is any different after it's gotten a treatment. 

After the post office we went to the supermarket, the fruit shop and then the bakery. Just before we left we decided to get $3 of hot chips because they rock on a cold day. 

I was standing in the fish & chip shop with my side to the owner, the worker and the two guys they were talking to when I heard the owner of the fish & chip shop say 'That is a perfect ass.' He said it reallllly softly to the worker and the guys at the counter but I have excellent hearing. They all casually looked at me and then looked back at each other like a group of cheeky schoolboys who are checking out a teacher or one of the cheerleaders.

Seriously? Like, seriously? Come on guys..
 I have to admit I get a flirty/embarrassed smile on my face whenever I see the worker Burak. It's the smile you get when you catch someone staring at you or when someone catches you staring at them. It's the automatic big cheeks, red as a beetroot grin and even though he is like 17/18 and not stereotypically good looking, I cant help it. It's just one of those innocent things. 

Shit, I'm close to racking up a 'hussy' reputation with the guys at this mall aren't I? I'm flirt-smiling with the barber, the chicken shop guy and the fish & chip shop guy. Haha. I feel intimidated when I go there because there is always big groups of guys standing there talking. Some are my age, some are highschool age, some are even my grandfathers age and it's embarrassing and intimidating because even though I'm with my mum, I walk past them and they all go quiet and watch me walk past. 

I'M NOT THAT GOOD LOOKING GUYS, SHIT! Play hard to get at least lol. It's disgusting really, even when I wear no makeup it happens. If they knew me, they wouldn't stare because they'd know how much I HATE attention like that. 

It comes down to this saying..

'Why are you trying so hard to blend in when you're born to stand out?'

Ohhh yeah, looking real up myself right now haha. Come on girls, you know I'm not. Well, if you didn't know then you do now. How many up themselves girls eat a pizza with this much enthusiasm? LOL.


Anonymous said...

Girl you are lovely thats why they were staring and stuff haha! You do remind me of a fafi girl in a way :)

Latinminx79 said...

Love the fringe on you!

Leah ♥ said...

you are gorgeous!!!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

Oh.. Thanks girls =(

And thanks for not calling it a cute fringe hahaha.


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