Stop Teesing Me!

I know it's probably just clever makeup and styling but I cant help it, I'm obsessed with saving photos of Dita Von Teese. She is just so classy, so lovely. 
She is the pinnacle of modern pin up. Everyone else is left in her dust in my opinion. 
Dont you just love her Peta ad and the phenomenal look she did for her Virgin Atlantic unveiling? 
Is it just me or are all of you ladies enraptured by her flawlessness? 


Leah ♥ said...

love this post! Dita Von Teese is gorgeous! omg she looks like phoebe from friends in that black and white pic!

Anonymous said...

She is one beautiful lady. I love her style alot.

edk.dolce said...

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Ansa said...

There is such a classy look about her.

Bury Me In Velvet said...

@ Leah. I know huh? It's her highschool picture and she looks like a normal surfy chick and a lot like Phoebe from Friends. Last year for Halloween I think it was, she said she was going dressed up as a 'normal girl'. She was getting a spray tan, wearing jeans and a tshirt etc. I'd LOVE to see those photos.

@ Deanna/SnowBunny - I know. She's magnificent.

@ Elle/EDK.Dolce - Thanks, I joined your profile about a week ago when you asked me :)

@Ansa - Agreed! She doesn't ever look cheap or like she is trying too hard. She looks like someone put her in a time machine back in the 40s and she ended up here.


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