Take Me To Barbados!

After a great dinner out with my family at the Casablanca restaurant we stopped into Kmart to get some winter pjs. As a makeup addict my feet automatically take me to the cosmetics section where I was lucky enough to find these bad boys. Ladies I introduce you to the Face Of Australia Barbados nail polish set which I got for $1.75 each reduced from $4.95! I only missed out on one shade (that I know of) but after painting a quick and dodgey coat on my nails I have to say that I love each and every shade, which is a rare occurrence for me. Ill paint my nails properly to show you swatches tomorrow. Just had to share my bargain find with you :)

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Krissy said...

hey you!
the weirdest thing made me think of you yesterday - i was going through my old photos on facebook and there was a comment from "asia gugino" and the profile pic was a black square that said 'hacked!!' and im like who is this asia person?!
so i went on the profile and read back through old comments doing some detective work and realised it was you!! what on earth happened to your facebook!? lol

anyway thought i'd pop by and say hi! :) its been a while!


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