Its Been A While ..

After being absent for so long I thought it was about time i wrote an entry. A few things have changed..

Richard Gere and I broke up. I moved out of Melbourne into the country to be closer to my shop and Im pregnant.

Whattt?! Haha yeah.. You read right. Im PREGNANT. 12 weeks to be exact. Morning sickness is a killer and I had a scare on Sunday but everything is good now. I have to be in bed for another two days to take it easy and then Im back in business.
I got an ultrasound photo taken at 6 weeks so ill upload that and some other photos of how Im looking. I have an expanded womb so Im actually showing at about 16 - 20 weeks rather than the 12 weeks Im currently at.

The next two days are full on while we move house n settle in but Im back to blogger for good so don't broady surprised when I start showing up in your blog feed again

Hope your all healthy and happy!


Skye said...

Congratulations hun on the baby and new shop! Ive been waiting for u to post so was glad when ur blog popped up. Hope everything is ok now with the scare.. Take care


AwkwardEmporium said...

You are glowing!
How exciting!
Are you going to find out the baby's gender or let it be a surprise?


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