Tape Hair Extensions Removal.

Sorry for the boring title but if I didn't make it sound so clinical, I probably would have said something like: 

"Tape Hair Extensions Removal Was Invented By The DEVIL".. Actually, that does sort of have a ring to it..

Ok I think I'm being a bit of an impatient little baby here because I COULD go to one of my two girlfriends who are qualified hairdressers and get them removed and reapplied but one of my friends is going to charge me $200 to remove then reapply.. And another friend is going to charge me only $80 to remove and reapply but I thought to myself that it's Christmas soon and I should be spending my money on presents NOT my hair so I went on Google, learned how to remove them myself using simple household items and then I went a step further and looked up how to retape and reapply tape hair extensions. 

I've always been more of a DIY girl, thanks to my grandfather who could probably put up a shed with a toothpick and a piece of chicken wire. So after taking into account my money situation, Christmas presents, the traveling back and forth to the cheaper hairdressing alternative (who lives an hours drive away) and my burning desire to try and do everything myself at the same quality and standard of a professional.. I have decided that doing a home job is the best option for me. 

I have found some hair extensions tape on Ebay for $1.29 coming from China, which will take two weeks to get here or I could pay $9.99 for tape that is coming from two states over, that'll probably take two days to get here. As I'm already saving $80 - $200 on my hair, I don't mind spending $10 on the tape and just dealing with short hair for a few days. 

I'm leaving the reapplication of my extensions in the capable hands of my mum. She use to install my  pesky glue in extensions, so a thin tab of double sided tape shouldn't be very difficult for her to handle. 

I am off now to remove my extensions in the correct way, because when the a few previous extensions started to slip out, I removed them myself by just pulling the two pieces of tape apart.. 

Can you say O U C H . . ?

Yeah, it pulled out half my frikin hair with it! Leaving me with a red roar bald spot.

Below is what a tape extension looks like after a month.
It's just grown out, but that is how long my hair has grown in a month. I've done my regrowth twice and as you can see, I'm in need of doing it for a third time. 

This is one weeks regrowth.. 
I've been blonde a year and my black hairdye is STILL coming out. It's disgusting.

I will take photos and video of me removing these extensions properly using home products so you can do it at home and save some money. I will then do a follow up post to show how to retape and reapply your own extensions to save you EVEN MORE money.

Who else has tape hair extensions? I highly suggest buying them. They are the most NATURAL looking and feeling extensions in ze UNIVERSE!


Angela said...

I had taped extensions for awhile there, and I love love loved them! The only problem was the price of the upkeep. I had only been able to find 2 salons in Sydney that used the brand that I wanted, so it was just all too much of a hassle. I took mine out in an epic three hour long session one night using orange oil spray. I'd love to have them in again...

loong said...

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