She's Still Big Red..

My girlfriend Monicah definitely enjoys a bit of attention, who doesn't ey? 

She's outgoing and likes to show it from a mile away. If you don't realize she's outgoing by the diamante she wears on her cheek as a beauty spot, then you'll definitely realize she's outgoing by the fact that her hair is fire engine red. 

When she came to me (her hairdresser) today to dye her regrowth, we took her outrageous hair a step further and shaved a section. 

We started it off at 25mm, then went down to 19mm, decided to take it a stage further to 12mm and finally ended up with a 9mm section. 

After finishing her hair and doing her makeup, she realized the 12mm length would have been more to her liking but doesn't mind waiting a few weeks for it to grow out a little. 

I took some photos and filmed the whole thing. 
I'll come back and link the video when it's edited and just post the photos for now. 

Yeah, I think I'm a pretty good hairdresser haha.

Bleach (regrowth)
Paintbox Fudge - Cherry Bomb (twenty minutes)
Garnier Nutrisse - Fiery Red (two minutes)


Deanna said...

Oooooooooooo I like! :)

Cally Wyatt said...

I adore this!!
I was wondering how often this colour needs to be touched up? Mine is purple at the moment but I am giving up! Needs colouring every few days (first used Directions, my own mix, and then changed to Crazy Colour, another original mix) but sadly the recolouring never really did much!
Anyways I am looking to just go in with the garnier colour but now I have seen this I just had to ask!


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