Hey Shawtyyyy..

I have mixed emotions about having short hair again. 
On one hand I'm happy, on the other hand I feel ordinary..

I guess I'll get use to it, or put my extensions back in after a week or so.. Haha.


Jess said...

Kawaii!! Love the shorter look, too cute! I miss my short and spiky hair :/ Your bangs match the edgy style too. My sister-in-law is sitting here smoking and blogging with me, and she says it makes you look even younger ;) Rock it girl <3

Anastasia Bliss said...

Heyaa.. Yeah it's so empowering to have a short edgy haircut :p I feel like a badass, BUT i loveeeee and miss my long hair. My hair was to my hips until I cut it into a Marilyn Monroe style and I regret cutting it SO much. This hair style is fun, but I get bored of it within a week.

Stop smokin that sh!t, it's bad for u :p Haha, take care xox

Jess said...

Oh i feel ya..I cut all my loong hair off 6 years ago after a really bad breakup...and regret it. I'm currently trying to grow it back out long, but until last year, my weakness was the straightener. I LOVED styling my hair so much that I used to never wear it naturally, literally. This is the first time I've ever had to mange curly locks, so any pointers are appreciated :)

So it seems us girls are just trying to stay away from the damn scissors! XD

hehee and I actually barely smoke at all lol. Only in my creative and social moments. But when it's proven bad for me, you let me know girl ;)

Tanyabell said...

cute pics!!


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