The Difference Between Bleach And Prelightener (Results Photos)

After dying my hair black for more than ten years, I knew that my scalp was bound to retain some of the black dye and cause my regrowth to be an imitation of Madonna in the 80s. 

However, I didn't realize that I could avoid such dramatic roots by simply switching from bleach to prelightener. 

Here is what my regrowth (& hair) looks like TEN DAYS after using bleach and a blonde dye:
taken today

Here is what my regrowth (& hair) looks like THREE WEEKS after using a prelightener (nothing else):

I think that pretty much shows the dramatic difference. Yes the lighting in the photos is different but you have to admit, there is no comparison. Not to mention that prelighteners are less damaging on the hair. 

I have the blonde I want at the moment (in the body of my hair) so all I do is use my Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Extreme Lightener L01+ on my roots once a month and voila - I'm a natural box blonde.

Below is the Nordic Blonde range. 
I use the middle one as I've found it gives me the best results and it only takes ten minutes!


Nur Bamadhaj said...

Everytime I see your blonde hair I'm just so jealous. I thought of dying my hair ash blonde but I always chicken out :P

The hair dressers here sucks and I don't dare to DIY myself.

Anastasia Bliss said...

Hun mines a DIY job and look at it!

If I were you, I'd try one of the prelighteners I talk about, even just bleach a strip of your hair to see the results. It's non damaging and it's not hard at all. Plus once you get it down to orange - its all down hill from there. Start with a dark ash blonde or caramel blonde and slowly take it lighter from there.. I think you'd look gorgeous!

Nur Bamadhaj said...


They stop selling prelighteners here. sucks! Everytime when I colour my hair the top part goes lighter than the bottom or the colour does not even turn out. Maybe cause I have thick hair.

Anastasia Bliss said...

hey hun, thats normal. the top part of ur hair goes lighter a lot faster because it has less dye on it. the ends of your hair are more stubborn because thats where the build up of dye sits. your hair grows from the top so the top doesn't get covered in dye as often cos its new hair, whereas the bottom or your hair has years of dye built up on it.

dye from the ears down and then do the top half to match. itll look sorta like a rough ombre to start with lol.


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