Everything That Glitters Isn't Always Gold..

I got home from gym today and was actually in the mood to play around with some makeup before I had a shower. I washed my face, applied foundation to half my face and grabbed the closest bright eyeshadow which was a Mac pigment pot in the shade Bright Fuchsia
It's a very dramatic and daring colour, perfect for summer. 

After rummaging around in my makeup drawer I found a matching Glitter Eye Creme by BYS in the colour Cherry Bloom. It reminded me of a tutorial I watched on YouTube called "How To Get Fairy Eyes" (or something along those lines).

Here is my inspiration photo..

And here is my two minute replica:

You can tell it's a rushed job but I found it fun to experiment with such a bold colour and glitter is never "safe" so the combination of the two was so daring. I may just wear this look clubbing on the weekend.

What I Used

In my crease: Mac pigment Bright Fuchsia

On my lid: BYS Glitter Creme in Cherry Bloom

My liner: Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner in Blackest Black

On my waterline: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

On my lashes: Australis TLC Mascara in Blackest Black


Jess said...

Hello lovely!
stumbled across your blog and had to double take due to the bada$$ Title "Bury me in Velvet" ;P
Loving this look with the Mac glitter, looks beautiful with your dark eyes, great job!
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Anastasia Bliss said...

Why thankyou for the follow! I shall step on over to your blog right about...



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