"Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.."

After receiving a comment from a new subscriber, I went over to her blog and was reminded of the famous quote "Well-behaved women seldom make history." 

After spending a few minutes racking my brain trying to remember who actually said that line, I gave my old friend Google a holler and found THIS ARTICLE

I think that article is one of the most true, honest, fantastic, real and amazing things I have read in years. 

I walked away from it completely exuberant at the thought that today was the day I restarted the rest of my life in a new frame of mind. I have never been one to hold my tongue, let someone walk over me, judge me or let them make me feel less than I am but in saying that, I am human and I do have emotions that get hurt just as easily as the next person. Therefore, I was always chained to my fear of other opinions in one way or another..

After reading that article and thinking about Olympia's shamelessness, I no longer hold guilt for anything I have done in my past that I would secretly have been a tad ashamed, embarrassed or paranoid would come back to haunt me. 

The reality of my past is that I grew up in the 00's.. Which means that I took revealing (and sometimes quite raw) photos of myself and sent them to my boyfriends at the time, or guys I was just hooking up with. I have had my fair share of sexual encounters that were impulsive and could be seen as careless. I've said my fair share of filthy, vulgar, naughty and suggestive things. I've watched porn, had and have kinky desires and you know what? So has nearly every woman my age that I know or have ever met. 

I'm not in any way telling you to go out and be a sexual deviant. I'm just saying that there is no reason for anyone to feel ashamed, embarrassed or guilty of the decisions they have made in the moment.


Take a ride back in time with me for a moment to the 1960s when my grandmother (who was a "good girl" to her core) was pregnant to her "bad boy" Italian boyfriend, whom she was (at the time) forbidden to be with because he didn't fit the "good" mould that her parents had originally pegged out.

Skip forward to the 1980s when my mum, who was also a "good girl", got pregnant from her "bad boy" boyfriend and ended up a teenage single mother in a small (mostly) Italian community.

Skip forward to more recent times. In 2005 I was not the typical "good girl" yet I found myself pregnant to my "bad boy" boyfriend. I would have followed in my mothers and grandmothers footsteps if fate hadn't stepped in and caused a miscarriage at 17 weeks. 

What I really want to make clear to you is that it doesn't matter what anyone outside of YOUR circle thinks, says or even screams at you. It is your life, you are the one who has to live it - not them. 

So please, I beg of you - live your own life in the way that you wish to live, otherwise you're not living at all. 

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Jess said...

My grandmother actually told me that quote, and I too vaguely remembered hearing it earlier in life, but from who I don't know. It really gives you this powerful feeling inside, and reanimates reality, like you could just do something crazy :) I'm so happy it inspired you, and the article was amazing, thanks for posting that! I'll have to share it with my spitfire of a best friend ;)

Have a great day and don't take any shit from anyone! <3



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