Inglot Lipstick Palette

Like any girl, I LOVE a sale or finding a bargain. 

I'm not embarrassed to walk into a store and straight over to the sale section. Depending on the store of course!

When it comes to places like Inglot, I definitely browse around for a minute before I seek out their "promotions". 

This is a deal I've been considering for a few weeks now. It's three lipsticks in a palette for $20. It's not the 'Freedom System' where they are magnetic and stackable palettes, but that's better because this one goes in your bag, has a slot for a lipbrush or two and also has a mirror so you can see what you're doing! ..And at only $6.66 a lipstick (including a home for them) who could resist?

The deal itself is value for money but I always hesitate when it comes to lipgloss-style lipsticks or lipgloss pots in general. I went in with the intention of just swatching the colours and after swatching the first colour, I immediately knew I would want to later buy at least twenty of the colours they offer. 

I chose summer shades, despite the fact that most of the colours I really, really, really, really, really, really, really wanted were winter tones.

I bought a cool toned pastel baby pink, which is numbered "15"
I bought a creamy apricot colour, which is numbered "29"
And I bought the most amazing deep bright pink, which is numbered "33"

33 was the first shade I swatched in the store and is the reason I knew that I would love these lipsticks.

Below are photos of the colours, the palette, swatches and the last photo is the stain they left when wiped away with a tissue. I love lipsticks that have a slight stain to them, so that is yet another point in their favour.

Do you own any Inglot lipstick palettes? 
What is your take on them?

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