Sunglasses Haul

I haven't gone into the clothing store Dotti for close to a year because from what I've seen in the past, their clothing isn't my style. After walking in to their factory outlet in DFO with low expectations and walking out with ten pairs of sunglasses, two dresses and a skirt - I am super happy to have been proven wrong about them!

I wasn't going to reveal the price of the sunglasses because I intend on doing a few giveaways with these and I don't want you to think less of them because I got them for so cheap.. 

... BUT, I'm going to take the risk, tell you anyway and hopefully you will just see them as an AMAZING bargain, rather than a "cheap" pair of sunnies.. 

They were on sale for $5 each, reduced from their original price of $10, $15 and $20 (depending on the style) but I got them with an extra 50% off so they were only $2.50 each!!!! 

The black studded ones were still full price at $20 then I got the 50% discount so they came down to $10. The fact they were also on sale was just a bonus, I would have paid the full $20 for them - they're so funky!

And then we bought some double ups. We gave the red and daisy pair to my grandmother and my mum bought a daisy pair for herself. I bought a spare pair of the lips to send to a girlfriend of mine in America. 

I am going back this week to buy ten more pairs so I can do ten giveaways. 
Which are your favourite?

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