The Truth Hurts.. Some People.

I'm quite pissed off at the moment.

A friend recently posted a photo on a website and asked people if they liked her outfit.

To be honest, I found it unflattering. She has been on a diet recently and is starting to look really good but the outfit did nothing for her. In fact it made her arms look really big, her boobs look non existent and her body look like she had no shape. Plus it dragged on the ground.

It was a nice colour, nice design, completely overpriced and is something I would wear if I was in my late 30's. No scratch that, I would wear it in my 50's to look polished and glamorous.

The reason it's such a big deal to me is that she is barely in her early 20's. Yeah, she can afford it but just because you can afford something doesn't mean that you shouldn't go for something less expensive that looks ten times better on you. Or even just as expensive that looks ten times better on you.

I told her I thought it was nice but that I thought she could find something with more of a jaw dropping and stunning factor. I wasn't about to tell her what I just told you because that would be rude and uncalled for, but now I'm over it and I'm telling it how it is.

She responded with the fact that the event she was going to was just a party with a formal dress code so it was no big deal and she had already bought the dress.

I didn't bother replying. If she liked it and it was what she chose, then good for her. I hope it makes her feel beautiful, sexy and every other positive and confident emotion out there. Then another one of her friends said it looked more appropriate for a wedding and that she should have chosen something else.

That really got her back up about it and she had a bit of a bitchy reply and then it started.. Her family started leaving comments about how "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all." "Her family will be at this party judging the dress and we think it's beautiful." and then her fake ass friend started having her two cents, which turned more into a bank-full of cents because she went right off the planet doing the whole "She can afford it, you should be happy and not trying to put her down."

So what was a friend innocently telling another friend their honest and CENSORED opinion, turned into a "You're not a real friend." "If she wanted your opinion she would have invited you to go shopping but she didn't so keep your opinion to yourself."

All of those comments coming from a girl who is the fakest person I've met in my life. And while I'm aware that the word "fakest" doesn't exist, there is not other word I want to use because my grandparents read this blog. Haha.

This girl would crawl so far up your ass that you wouldn't need to watch what you eat because it would be going into your mouth but down her throat and into her stomach. Ya dig?

This is a girl who asks you to order her a meal at Nandos and then walks away to "send a text message" so that you're stuck with the bill. Or asks if you want to tag along while she goes shopping and then wants you to put petrol in her car. Or she asks if you want to go shopping, drives to your house then expects you to drive from there.

These are just some of the things my friend has told me about this girl. It makes me want to punch her in the head and now this USER and tightass is telling me that I'm a bad friend? Mate..

I really hate certain parts of the internet.

From now on I'm going to keep my opinion to myself. I really cant be bothered with the argument.. But then again, if you don't want my opinion - DON'T ASK FOR IT. And if my opinion isn't something you want to hear, at least appreciate my honesty and don't let your guard dog try and bite my head off.

Did I mention that the chick having a go at me helped my friend choose the dress I hated? No wonder she was so angry that I didn't like it ;)

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♥mynameisnur♥ said...

People who ONLY wanna hear what THEY wanna hear, if you say otherwise than you're not a true friend!

You don't need people like them in your life. Waste of time. I tend to disassociate with those people.

It's good that you let it out and share your story :) Thank you


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