I Shall Call Her "Mini Me"

June, July and August = Winter
September, October and November = Spring
December, January and February = Summer
March, April and May = Autumn

As you can see from my seasonal calender above, we're only a month into winter here in Australia and I am already working on my bikini body. If I remember correctly, people start living like it's summer around November so that means I have five months to lose 30kg.

I know that 30kg sounds like a lot of weight.. and it is.

I may not feel it and I sure as hell don't look it, but let's be honest.. I'm closer to 100kg than I am to 90 and I wanna weigh less than 70kg in summer. For those of you who aren't in Australia, I'm roughly 213 pounds (97kg) and ideally I want to weigh 147 pounds (67kg).

I think the problem most people have with setting a goal is that it seems such a massive amount to lose but let's break it down into less scary figures.. If I want to lose 30kg in the next 5 months, that means I only have to lose 6kg a month - which is completely realistic and do-able!

I haven't made a big deal out of it, but I have been going to the gym flat out for the last month and I recently decided not to weigh myself. It may sound ridiculous to you but I don't want to be discouraged if the numbers aren't significantly different on the scales.

I also decided that despite my 30kg goal, all I really want, is to be slim - not skinny or thin.
I want to be able to put on a simple singlet dress in summer and walk out the door without worrying if the dress is too short, if the material is giving me jelly belly or if someone is going to think that I look like a big whale who is telling herself she is the size of a sardine.

My body isn't bad - but it isn't great either. I just need to slim down and tone my thighs, my stomach and get rid of the excess weight in my face.. Then I'll be happy.

I don't know if I'll make my goal in numbers but as long as I continue to feel better because I'm eating well and exercising regularly and as long as my underwear continue to fall down (due to them being too big - stop thinking kinky haha) then I will know I'm losing weight, feel I'm losing weight and wont be wasting my time stressing about the numbers and my "goal".

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