Drugstore Shoes.

After growing up 'poor', I promised myself I would never buy another pair of cheap shoes again.

I don't mind buying other things from places like Target, Big W (Walmart in America) or Kmart but shoes that are cheap never end up being worn. No matter how gorgeous they are, they sit on my shelf because I know they are a cheap brand.

Flats don't bother me but heels are very important.

I think that after all these years, I'm finally starting to loosen up about the whole "cheap" shoes drama. I bought two pair of ankle boots from Target and Kmart recently that I have started to wear regularly and now I find these..

Look at them!

They are a beautiful colour, the perfect height, well made, as comfortable as wearing slippers and a decent price. I don't know why I didn't buy them as soon as I seen them. Part of me still hesitates over (what I call) Drugstore Shoes but I think I need to get over it and head to my nearest Target asap.

Are there certain things you wont buy because they are a "cheap" brand?

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very interesting, thanks


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