I'm Equipped With Kink.

I don't know about you but I tend to stay away from certain things.

I have told you all about my "drugstore shoe" phobia and I may have even mentioned my "bottom of the barrel" makeup phobia, but today I was proven to be wrong. Yes I said it, I was WRONG!

I was looking back on my million fashion and makeup photos trying to weed through the ones I no longer like, ones I want to feature on my blog and just trying to get some organization happening. I'm one of those people who save every image I find interesting so I have over 100gb of internet-saved photos just sitting in unorganized folders on my laptop.

While having a Macbook spring clean (in winter) I found these two screen prints.

I can't even remember saving these photos and I can't for the life of me think why I didn't go out and buy these nail polishes straight away because they are STUNNING colours.

After seeing these photos today I realized they are both Australian brands.
Equip is an accessories store and Kink is a makeup brand only available from Coles.

The stupid thing is that I have never spent enough time in Equip to realize they stocked nail polish and I always purposely walk straight past the Kink brand in Coles because I feel like it's some cheap brand that has a lifespan of about three days.

I just went on the Kink website and found that I fell in love with at least one colour from each of their product ranges. They stock two types of lipgloss, eyeliner and nail polish. I even found myself making a wish list!

The best thing about Kink being only available in Coles is that Kink items are 'buy two get one free' Australia wide, so not only are they affordable but you get a bonus item too.

I think it's great that I had this wake up call. Now I wont miss out on possibly amazing items because I have a closed mind due to their price, stockist or cheesy packaging.

I'm twenty-three and I am now just accepting that not everything has to be a designer brand to be good quality and my grandfathers philosophy of "You get what you pay for.." no longer applies.

What are your favourite "bottom of the barrel" items?

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