Before And After.

If you don't watch my vlog then you have no idea that I am on a steady diet and gym routine.. I didn't really notice a difference until the other day when I got a wedgie - about thirty times in one day. My underwear are too big, I don't feel 'bloated' anymore and my boyfriend has stopped jiggling my belly and referring to me by the name of his overweight friend haha.

Last night I wore a brand new outfit - I forgot to take photos so I will put on the outfit again tomorrow and take photos to show you what I was working with. I honestly felt a million dollars. I don't know how many kilos or pounds I've lost but my stomach has gone down a lot and my legs are slimmer already. I've always been a Coke bottle from the front and back view but lately I have been a Coke bottle from the side view as well - which is very unattractive let me tell you!

About six weeks ago I finally got sick of being uncomfortable in my clothes (and skin) and decided to do something about it. My girlfriend got revved up when I told her what I was doing so we now go to the gym together five days a week and to the pool, sauna and spa on Sundays. I've started roughly counting calories subconsciously and watching what I eat but the last few days I have slacked off a little bit. On Wednesday I will go hard again (because Monday and Tuesday I'll be at my grandparents house with no gym access) and I think I will swap my standard Thursday gym sessions for a full night of dancing in heels at a local club with my mates.

I really do have to put photos of lastnights outfit up but for now these before and after shots will have to do. They are about a month apart - taken in the same dress and in the same room of my house. This dress is sort of my measuring point for if I'm losing weight. It may seem weird but I don't trust scales.

I still want to lose another two dress sizes but I have really started to love my body again and that is the most important thing.

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Serafina said...

Wowww, what a difference in one month! That's really impressive. You've inspired me to be good again.. I've lapsed of late and the wobbles are coming back (and I just ate a massive pizza and feel sick lol)
I'm off to view your vlog now to pick up some tips! Well done, the hard work has certainly payed off!


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