My Exclusive With Richard Gere.

Story Time

Tuesday night I went to our typical hang out place looking all types of messy. By messy I mean - hair up in a bun, barely any makeup, booty trackies and a jumper. Aaliya had called me out of nowhere and said that she was two minutes from my house. I ran outside (initially forgetting my bra) and jumped in the car, thinking we were only going for our standard McDonalds run.

When she told me that we were going to the cafe, I FREAKED. I re-did some of my makeup while she ran in to get a pack of ciggies and put my hair in a messy side bun to try and hide the micro bead extensions around my hairline.

We arrived at the cafe, walked in having all the confidence in the world (or at least pretended we did) and sat down at the table with our group. Everyone knows Richard Gere and I are seeing each other. He told me on the first date that he didn't like titles so he would never be the type of guy to ask me to be his girlfriend, it would just naturally happen (which I was ok with).

After being there for fifteen minutes, I looked over and seen Richard Gere (who I thought had recently barred me) walking in through the back door. I instantly shit bricks. I slumped down in my seat, covered my face and turned awkwardly towards Aaliya asking her to go outside for a cigarette. I of course don't smoke and stood outside in the freezing cold with her while we plotted my next move. She was all 'Put down your hair, whip that shit around' and I was all like 'Ok, gonna vomit. Give me the compact - o.m.g i look like hell in a hand basket.'

After a good five minutes of freaking out and freezing half to death, I walked back inside like an adult (once again, or at least pretending) and sat down at our table. Richard Gere was still at the bar ordering and talking to his friends. The only other girl who was sitting at our table is Richard Gere's 'best friend', who we will call Green Tree Snake. The first time we met her, Aaliya said she is a green tree snake because they can camouflage themselves and blend in to any environment as they slither around.

Anyway, Green Tree Snake slithered forward on the seat, lent over Aaliya and said "It's better this way anyway. You two aren't good for each other. He told me after your first date that you meant nothing to him and that it was just casual and that he told you that you weren't ever going to be his girlfriend."

Hold on, back the f**k up.. He said WHAT?! I was angry, upset, annoyed, devastated andembarrassed. That little bitch just said all of that to me in front of everyone sitting at our table. A million thoughts raced through my head 'But we talked about the fact were exclusive.. But he said he didn't mind waiting a year for my hair to grow long (because he doesn't like extensions) But he said it would just NATURALLY HAPPEN that we would be a couple' then the thoughts followed 'So everyone here thought I was just his young skank? I played the fool? I believed him?!'

I leaned forward and I said "No, he told me *etc etc etc*" and she said "Wallah (which is I swear to God in Arabic) he said that to me. I'm only telling you because your a nice girl and I think of you as a friend now. Iraqi guys are all liars, trust me I know. He just told you whatever you wanted to hear."

I felt myself crumbling.. How did it come to this? I looked at all the people on my table as I said.. "So I'm meant to just sit here and pretend that everything is ok? Well I can't do it.. (face changes as I'm about to cry) (voice cracks) I just can't do it!"

I got up, ran straight past Richard Gere, straight past the sixty other people in the cafe, the three owners, the six staff members and into the back exit where I stood and cried for about three minutes straight, holding my mouth to muffle the noise the whole time.

Aaliya soon followed and as we headed for the car I felt my phone vibrate in my hand.
"Richard Gere"
I didn't answer so he sent a message
"Hello Darling, did you leave because you don't want to sit with me?"
As soon as he sent me that message, I realized he had no idea what had just happened. I didn't want to answer that message so Aaliya called him back "Yes, this is Aaliya, I'm pissed off and Anastasia is upset because of what your friend just told her that you said about her!"
He RAN - literally RAN outside to see what was happening. When I told him about what Green Tree Snake said, he couldn't believe it.

In the end, Aaliya called her outside and we had it out.
He told her that she took one word and make a complete story out of it and that it was NOT what he said or what he meant. He explained that he doesn't like titles and that just because were not 'boyfriend girlfriend' doesn't meant that were not together like normal couples.

She tried to blame it on the fact that she doesn't know how to explain herself properly but I knew she was vicious from the first time I met her.

Richard Gere made her apologize, but I left before she opened her mouth. I didn't need another lie to come out of her mouth so I got Aaliya to drive me home.

I had no idea what was happening between Richard Gere and I. All I knew was that he did not say those things, that he held my hand the whole time I had it out with his friend and that he kissed me goodnight.

I spent Wednesday night worrying that the damage had already been done and that maybe he was going to back away from me, thinking that drama just followed.

I was so over the moon last night when Richard Gere came to my house and we talked it out. He told me that he is scared - the words were "Wallah I'm scared that I'll never want to leave you. I'm scared because your the perfect woman and I want to stay with you."

So we agreed - were exclusive.

He is going to a wedding tonight so I'm flying solo but tomorrow night he is taking me to one of his friends birthday party. We are going as a couple.

Tomorrow night is a massive night for me. It is my first night going back to the cafe where everyone seen me cry just a few days ago. It is the first time I will be faced with the Green Tree Snake since she humiliated me in front of everyone at that cafe and it is the first night that I will be walking in there on the arm of my Richard Gere.

So the pressure is really on. All of those thoughts running around my head and all I can think is;


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Deanna said...

Wow, where is a mexican snake trapper when you need one? That girl sounds like she is jealous about you and him being together. She was wrong for saying that in front of everyone as well if she considered you a friend she would of taken you to the side and told you that in private not humiliate you. That is just terrible.

I am so happy you worked it out with him. Communication is so important in a beginning relationship, and is the foundation that holds that trust most relationships lack.

I think you should walk in that cafe with your head high, and don't even look at that snake. If she tries to reconcile kindly accept, but only on your own terms. I wouldn't trust her just think of her as the "wah wah" noise you hear from charlie brown lol.

As for what you should wear to the party..hmm... You should diva it out like you always do. Be yourself and look gorgeous :)

XOXOX ~ Deanna


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