Putting My Life Into 'Gere'

Well last night was interesting to say the least.. Richard Gere was sick all day so I didn't think we were going out. I dyed my hair and dried it but didn't style it and what do ya know? At 10.30 Richard Gere called to ask if I wanted to go to the party.
He didn't want to go at all. He was all like, "If you want to go, I'll go."

He asked me how long I needed to get ready and I casually said "Oh ten minutes will be fine.." then the panic set in. The pants and top I was going to wear gave me muffin top BAD because I had been drinking a lot of water all day so I had to run into my bedroom and try to find something to wear.
When I'm in a rush to get ready I'm jumping on the bed freaking out and my mum is usually there throwing me my clothing options.. Before I hit the stressed out tears stage, I found my bandage skirt, pulled on a new top I just bought from Forever New, slipped on some heels and walked out the door. Richard Gere nearly died when he seen my top. He loved the oversized see-through musk pink crochet top with just a bra underneath.

We walked into the party as a couple and the tree snake approached almost instantly. He smiled, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said happy birthday. He then turned his head to me (as I was purposely standing behind him) and said "Please say hello to her." Not in a sucky and sooky way, but in a 'I'm your man, shes my friend, you hate her but be polite' kinda way.
I stuck my head out from behind his shoulder, said "Hello, happy birthday" and as she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, I turned my shoulder to her.

Richard Gere went and sat with the boys, I sat with Aaliya (and her friend that I also despise because she told me that I was "too fat for my opinion to matter") and another girl that is in our group. Green Tree Snake took the opportunity in Richard Gere's absence to tell everyone at our table in Arabic that I didn't even say happy birthday to her.

Petty, petty, petty.

After an hour or so, Aaliya and her friend left, my other girlfriend left and it was just the Tree Snakes friend, Tree Snake, two blank spaces, me and this guy who was there for the party as well. My man walked over and looked at his seating options. He could have sat next to Green Tree Snake, next to me (on the Tree Snake side) or on the end after the guy. He chose NOT to sit next to the birthday girl and made the guy move over so he could sit with me. I love when we sit in those couches together. He leans into me so that the side of his back is up against my chest and my arm is over him.

When the night was through, Richard Gere and I walked outside as a couple, stood behind his car and hugged for about five or ten minutes while we discussed our plans to go on a short holiday next weekend. When we noticed Green Tree Snake and her friend looking at us from about twenty meters away, we got into his car and drove away.

When we arrived at my house, we sat in his car outside my house and spoke for literally two hours. I found out that he was in University, did two years in the army and was a police officer in Iraq for two years also.

I was so shocked when he took out his wallet and showed me a photo of him as a young police officer. It was the actual photo that was taken to put on his police license all those years ago. He had jet black hair, a big mustache and no body fat.
I like the way he looks now in comparison.

At 3.30am he caught the time from the glimmer of his watch and said we should call it a night. He watched as I walked into my front door and he drove home.

He invited me to go to Adelaide with him tonight (Adelaide is another state in Australia - probably about seven hours drive from my state) but I declined. I have Tafe and he had already asked his friends, thinking I wouldn't want to be alone in a hotel room with him.. Little does he know ;) hahaha.

Sorry Nana - I know your reading this.

Besides, he would have booked two separate rooms until we had taken that step in our relationship. It's just the way he rolls.

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