Give A Dog A Bone..

I love blogging.

I love sharing my life with random women across the world. Even if I'm ranting, sooking, laughing or bored.. It makes my day when I see the words
"You're blog post published successfully!"

After one of my typical life stories, I received a comment from a beautiful girl/woman named Laur. She said that she had just been on a date with a guy who told her that she needed to 'lose a few' and that my post really brightened her day (not an exact quote but pretty similar).

After reading her comment, I was so angry! I mean LOOK at how GORGEOUS SHE IS!
I started thinking that the only thing she needs to lose was a guy like that! I honestly took it so much to heart that I felt like one of my close friends had just called me on the phone to say that some idiot told her to lose weight!!

I am really glad she told me that my words helped her even in the smallest because that is really what blogging should be about.. It made me realize that reading someones blog is like reading their diary or like being a part of their life and the same goes for the insight you give me into your own lives whenever you comment on my posts.

Ugh, still so mad..

Here's to Laur and every other girl out there who has been told they're not 'PERFECT' by some dickless little boy.

Only a dog likes bones because a real man likes meat.

Read her blog - she's stunning.


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