Forget Freeballing - Try Freebra'ing.

Today I woke up with a completely different feeling than I have in a long time.

It wasn't because I woke up for the first time in my new home. It wasn't even because I'm covered in so many black bruises that it looks like Michael Jackson wrote the song 'Black or White' based on my current skin colour. I think it is entirely to do with the fact that I woke up with short hair for the first time in a month. That's right ladies - I'm back to my natural form.

After a disastrous attempt to change my blonde to a different shade of blonde, my hair turned GREY. Yes, grey. I could have easily gone down to a retirement village and not have been asked for i.d, that's how bad it was.

It wasn't just the grey hair that made me want to take out my extensions, it was because they had grown like an inch since I put them in. Instead of spending another $150 and getting them pushed up I decided that it was best if I just got rid of them and worked my Marilyn Monroe x Anna Nicole Smith hair while I still have it. My hair is still a pale shade of grey with some scary roots (that are almost ginger due to the colour I used to counteract the grey tone) so it's safe to say that I will be running - literally running into a department store as soon as I can find a bra to put on.

I swear, the worst part about moving house for me is not being able to locate key objects for my daily life. I lost my video camera (which doesn't affect you guys, but it does affect my vlog) and I lost every single bra I own. How ridiculous is that? I got underwear coming out the wah-zoo but not a single bra!

Today it looks like I will either be wearing five singlets that are two sizes too small under my normal clothes, just to keep the twins on point.. Or worst case scenario? I dig up the sticky tape. Lots of sticky tape. Think of it like a sticky tape halter bra.

Either option seems unpleasant if you ask me and I will be sure NOT to photograph whatever option I go with. Haha.

I took lots of photos while we were moving house and a few of the removal of my extensions. They wont be crash hot quality because they are just phone pics but it's better than nothing I guess.


Deanna said...

Bruises? from moving I hope.

I have been in the same predictement with the bra thing so thats why I started either no bra-ing it or have tight tanks or padded tops always around in case no bra happens :P~~

Sucks your hair went south, but I'm sure you know how to spice it back up! You always look great :)

Krissy said...

omg how annoying not being able to find your stuff!! especially a bra! gahh .. i hate the feeling of free-boobing!

your extensions were gorgeous while they lasted, but they seem like high maintenance...maybe its a good thing you're going back to normal length hair. itll grow fast! :)


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