When Does The Bad Outweigh The Good?

When do you reach that point when enough is enough with a close friend?

I recently relied on a friend for something important and when push came to shove, the important thing fell through. I understand that things happen and not everything always goes to plan but I cant help but think that in this instance, failure could have been avoided if my friend had cared a little more.

The fact that my friend thought it was no big deal that they let me down just made it worse. It was all,
"Well it's not my fault, I dunno why your getting so pee'd off with me. I helped you last week, remember?! It didn't happen today so deal with it!"

That is quickly becoming a pattern with this friend. As soon as you tell them they've done something wrong, or that they messed up, they get on the defensive and all of a sudden it's everyone's fault but their own.

I cant handle someone who doesn't take responsibility for their actions. I cant handle someone throwing things they've done for me in my face. I cant handle someone who gets defensive before you even open your mouth and I cant handle someone who doesn't give a shit which way a situation goes because the focus isn't on them.
It's called being self centred and/or selfish.

I am always a "When the good outweighs the bad" kinda person but with this friend I'm a bit lost. I have a lot of fun with them, they go out of their way to see me a lot and they have the same likes and dislikes as me (most of the time).
Despite all of that, my mum and brother never really understood why their was a connection between us. This friend is not like my previous mates but I dunno, most of the time it worked.

What do I do girls?

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