Bend And SNAP!

I went to the doctors this morning in fear that I have fractured my wrist while we were moving house. I was helping my mum and brother move a couch when my mums king sized wood and metal bed frame (that was dismantled and resting against the wall) fell on me. Luckily I protected my head by doing an action similar to a karate chop on the planks of wood. My wrist doubled in size and it hasn't been the same since. I couldn't even move it yesterday and today it is still very sore, very swollen and movement is limited. I thought for sure it was broken but it turns out that it's not.

The Devil.

Ever heard of Cankles? Well this is the wrist, so I'll call it Wankles.. Although that isn't correct.

I am meant to be at school today but it's a sewing day and with one arm taped, I'm of no use to my teacher. I am spending the entire day on pain killers, by my mums side as she buys towels for the new house. Hopefully she will feel sorry for me and buy me some new stuff as well!

Some time today, mum is dying my hair a bright platinum blonde. I will be taking before and after photos to show you. I'm so excited.

Bye Bye Grandma, Hello Blonde Bombshell.

Wish me luck xx

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Anonymous said...

Ekkk! Hope you get better soon.


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