OOTD, HOTD, FOTD.. Kinda..

Going to the shops with my mum - who else?
My wrist was taking a five minute break from it's bandage and as you can tell by my casual pose, I'm obviously on some AWESOME pain killers. I'll pay for it later though.

Makeup is simple and not clear in my phone pics so I wont bother getting into the items used.

Leopard dress Aaliya left at my house. Think she bought it for $6 - bargain.
Black tights that you can't really see from Big W.
Tan leather skull flats from Tony Bianco.

I'm not wearing any jewelery due to the fact that my room is still looking like a bomb shelter. Instead of buying new stuff to put in there, shouldn't I organize the stuff I already have???!!
... Naaaahhhh. Where's the fun in that? ;)

Oh, can you tell that my hair is no longer grey?

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