Richard Gere Put It In Gear And Drove Away.

Why is it that when I'm home alone I choose to sit and sing Disney songs? I just YouTube'd all of my favourite Disney songs and I'm singing them at the top of my lungs, even as I write this post.

My mum and brother are both "no-ones slick as Guston.." .. Sorry, it's hard to sing and keep track of what I'm writing. Don't mind me, I'm just doing the actions along with the music haha. I really should record myself singing this stuff. I even do different facial expressions to different voices.

As I was saying, my mum and brother are in Tatura with my grandparents teaching them how to use the internet so I just went shopping and bought some school supplies like plastic pockets and folder dividers etc.

You're probably wondering why my subject title sounds like Richard Gere dumped me? Well it's because he sorta did. The other night he was being a dick and I decided to go home and sleep. When he knew I was leaving he said "If you leave, don't call me anymore." So I called that bluff, got up, kissed everyone EXCEPT HIM on the cheek, said goodbye to the group and left.

He thought I was heaven? I'll show him HELL if he tries to call me again.

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Valentina Scarlet Vincitorio said...

No-one spits like Gaston,no-one farts like Gaston, no-ones so obviously thick as Gaston......sorry these are my lyrics!!!!


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