What To Call My Future Clothing Line?

Thursday was the first time I stepped foot in a classroom since 2003.

My mum was pretty sick in 2003 and we didn't really tell anyone but we were really scared she wouldn't make it to 2004. I made the tough decision and dropped out of highschool to make sure I could be there at all times. But that's a story for another time.

On Thursday I started my Certificate Four in Fashion Design and Technology.

I'm studying part time so I can still have a life and run my business, plus I'm going to start working as Aaliya's hairdressing assistant a few times a week. Did you all know that I'm actually a hair colour technician? Well you do now :)

As for school? It went GREAT. I actually went to enrol into the class in January but the receptionist was a doosh bag and said that the class wasn't being run at my local Tafe so I didn't go ahead with studying. After seeing my friend Monicah's Facebook status asking for people to join the class, I jumped at the opportunity. My classroom is even in the same building as my brothers classroom!

My timetable is pretty simple and we are always in the same room.
Monday is pattern making, Tuesday is design and Thursday is sewing.

My first day went really well. I sewed paper and started my 1cm lines on my 'never ending band'. I used to sew when I was younger so that class should be a breeze for me.

I made new friends instantly. My group of friends in class consists of me, Monicah, Agatha, Denise, Ivanka and Shereen.

I'll post photos as soon as I take them. My teacher on Thursdays is easy going so hopefully she will let me take photos during class. I told her about my blog and she was very surprised and interested so hopefully if I rip out the "it's for my blog" line - she will allow me to do almost anything haha.

Who else is studying? Has anyone studied a similar class to mine?


Deanna said...

Custom make me something ;) heehee I was going to take fashion design, but decided on esthetics so i will hopefully begin classes after this summer :)

Krissy said...

ooh thats so cool that youre studying fashion design! :)
i did it as a VCE subject and i loved it. but now i cant remember how to sew!!


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