Project: Size Eight - Day Two.

I feel like it's been a month since I have written a post!

I was recently motivated to start working out. Working out is probably LEAST favourite thing to do in the world. Put it this way; I'd prefer to wash, dry and put away all of my neighbours dishes every day.

I have been talking to this guy and he calls me every night after he works out or goes for a run. That in itself got me interested in working out. He made it seem so simple that I felt a little silly for all the years I've wasted not working out.

I now know that my motivation only needs to start me off. It's exactly the same as when I cut out drinking soft drink. I stuck with it for a week and after the week, the temptation to drink soft drink wasn't even there.

My mum also really motivated me when she told me that after she gave birth to me, she would run around the block every day. What really tweaked my interest was that within six weeks she had dropped from a size 14/16 to a size 10.

After hearing how easy it is, I'm finally ready to part with my excess weight. Don't get me wrong, I know it wont be easy but if I tell my mind it's no big deal, then it'll get done. I need to think positive. Summer is a huge motivator because the spare bedroom in my house is literally packed so full of clothes that are too small for me, that I can barely close the door.

I wanna be a size 8 or 10 by the end of summer.

I think the motivation switch in my head is finally as easy as a light switch. I turn it on and off when I need it.
This morning I got up, tied my hair up in a bun, brushed my teeth, put on my jogging clothes and went and ran four full laps at my full speed. Then I almost died and managed to drag myself home.

This is day two of my diet and exercise plan. I can't wait for day 60.


Krissy said...

Good on ya hunnie! Keep us updated on your progress. I'm doing something similar - trying to run for 30 mins straight over 9 weeks... its an app on my iphone which gives you different workouts to do each week that gradually build your fitness. if youve got an iphone i definitely recommend checking it out, its that extra bit of motivation :)
ive been runnning on the treadmill for the last 5 weeks but i think its time i started getting out haha :P

~Deanna~ said...

Awesome! I'm rooting for you! Btw someones gotta booooo!!! :P~

Steph said...

Aww good luck with it hun. Before i finished uni for the summer i was so upfor going to the gym, and i would spend atleast 40 mins on the treadmil (on a timer) but within time i got lazy. i need to loose weight but its the motivation i lack, and i hate the gym. id much rather go for a bike ride or go for a walk, but this weather is so dreary! maybe ill start in the new year...again! ha.

Anyway, good luck with it all. If youve got the motivation, then just keep it up, because you know it'll be worth it! :) xx


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