Christmas Shopping

Recently I've been shopping all day and then exercising all night. 
When I'm not shopping or exercising, I'm talking on the phone to my dream guy. 
I know I've neglected you (and my vlog) so I hope this post makes up for my absence.

I was in Coles the other day and I seen a range of Edward Beale hairdressing hairdye's so I decided to try one. I've been really unhappy with the colour of my blonde lately so I bought the shade 'Platinum Blonde'. 

One pack was only enough to barely cover all of my regrowth and give me some highlights on my top layer.

This was the colour the next day (Thursday). 
Since then I have re-bleached all of my hair so it's completely different again.

I'm wearing a new harem style jumpsuit from Ice
A new skull and chain bag from Sportsgirl
A new pair of sandals in a metallic platinum colour
A new pair of daisy earrings from Forever New

And my mum is wearing her new pair of shoes

On our trip to Myer I bought four Chi Chi bronzers and a Sugar Baby tanning lotion that was on sale.

I love Sugar Baby products so when I seen this tanning lotion for only $5, I had to get it.

All of the Chi Chi bronzers were protected in this (after you took them out of the box)
It's very Chanel-ish of them.




All of the other things I bought I can't show you because they're presents for my mum and brother. How is your Christmas shopping going?

1 comment:

Deanna said...

I like how the blonde has darkened in a nice way it looks more natural :)

Makes me want to attempt going blonde for the first time ever in my life. but I'm so bad with color matching :P

BTW sooo jealous its warm and sunny there, its so cold and dreery here.

Sounds like you and boo boo is hitting it off with sparkels :)


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