A Flame Starts With A Spark.

Looking back on my post A Flaming Mess I'm quite amused at the fact that as soon as I stopped looking, something presented itself in a perfect package. 

He ticks all the boxes on my *perfect man* list (so far)

I always said that I wanted someone who is: 

- Taller than me
- Dark hair 
- Nice eyes
- Nice smile
- Is respectful
- Doesn't even MENTION sex the first couple of times we talk
- Likes small fluffy dogs
- Has a great sense of humor
- Easy going and down to Earth
- Ethnic or European
- Drives
- Works (or studies)
- Is friends with/close with his mum
- Doesn't go clubbing
-Doesn't do drugs
- Speaks a language other than English
- Nice body
- Good dress sense
- Can hold a conversation
- Older than me
- Isn't camera shy
- Good teeth
- Good skin
- Doesn't have a complicated relationship status
- Isn't recently out of a relationship

Not to mention that there are a million more things that make him amazing.
Let's see what happens.

Did you ever/do you currently have a list of what you want in a guy??

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