Like Models Own On Facebook To Get 50% Off!

I've mentioned this before but I really need all of you lovely ladies with a Facebook account to click here and follow/like the Models Own Facebook page.

If they reach 10,000 followers by the end of August then everyone gets a 50% off voucher on their next purchase. Hello bargain?!?!?

I know the first on my list will be these babies.

That means instead of paying 128 pound, I'll only be paying 64 pound for 26 things! Plus an additional discount because the more nail polishes you buy, the bigger discount you receive!

Just try and tell me these aren't the most fabulous colours. I have 80 more photos saved of items on my wishlist. I'm just bummed I will have to wait until the end of this month to put in my order.

I want more shops in Australia to stock Models Own. I might have approach them to inquire about stocking their products on my website.

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