Yes, It's ANOTHER Shopping Post.

I started my day with a green skittle. It was the best kick start to my morning.

After my skittle, applying my (once again) boring makeup and putting on a just-as-boring outfit, I ran outside and jumped in the hire car as mum was about to leave.

We actually got half way to the mall by the time I realized that I still had my slippers were still on.

What can I say? They're comfy!

While mum was driving and then when she went into the supermarket, I took the chance to take these photos.

After we backtracked to got my shoes and took a trip to the supermarket we went to Northland Shopping Center.

I went and checked out if there was anything decent at Bardot, Sportsgirl, Forever New, Wittner, Cotton On Body, G Star, Smiggle and some other places.

You know I am not capable of leaving a mall without something so here's what I got.

Bardot necklace on sale $5

Bardot headband on sale $2.50

Bardot clutch on sale for $5!!!!!!

At Sportsgirl I got this velvet hobo bag on sale for $29.95

Two Sportsgirl beanies on sale for $4.95 each

At Sportsgirl I got this bow headband on sale for $4.95

At Sportsgirl, I got these two bow hair clips for $2.95 each.

These Sportsgirl flats were a bargain at $29.95

I went easy at Diva for once.

Check out my Forever New ring and hairpins.

After we left Northland, my mum and I stopped a two op shop/thrift store on the way home.

I got this khaki velvet off the shoulder top for $2.
My boob on the right looks really big compared to my left for some reason. I swear my boobs aren't lopsided like this lol.

I loved all the items today but I must say that my two freakin AWESOME finds were a genuine purple/mauve LaCoste jumper for $3 and another genuine LaCoste jumper in a sunflower yellow (it's a tad big, so I'm pretending to wear it as a dress haha) for $3

Do you shop at op shops/thrift stores? If you don't then your missing out big timeee.

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Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

I actually do shop at thrift stores you never know what you can find. I love that clutch alot its soo pretty.


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