My Second Blog Award!!!

This is my second blog award. I'm excited haha.

Hey everyone, just checked a message and seen that I have been given a blog award by Rena aka The Moonchild. Thanks so much hun, If your reading this, let me say that I have been loving your blog. Not only are you from Australia but you have wicked taste! Your photos are always the bomb and your random photo posts always stray from the norm.

It's always difficult passing blog awards on because I literally read over 300 blogs at the same time. Well not the SAME time because then I'd need a lot of spare eyes and the use of a LOT more of my brain, but you get my drift.

1*Post the award on your blog

2*Link the person who has given you the award

3*Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovered


Carla said...

awww thanks, and I gave u the same award haha

Anonymous said...

Thanks girly! I'll prolly end up tagging you back haha.


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