30 Day Photo Challenge.

30 Day Challenge - Day 10 - My hobbies.

Yes, I'm aware that I skipped the day 9 which is a photo of my lunch but my camera is dead and I'll be posting that tomorrow as a catch up. Until then, to put it simply, my biggest hobby is THIS.

Am I sad or embarrassed that my biggest hobby is sitting behind a computer screen?
Nah, finally I have the chance to meet people on the internet that wont ruin my life.

Can you tell that I've had bad net-friend experiences in the past? Haha.

My other hobbies are things as simple as watching movies, looking at photos, listening to music, dancing around my house like a maniac when no-one is looking, singing in the shower (who doesn't?!), eating, drinking, playing with my dogs, shopping, makeup and shopping.. Yes, I put that twice.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I'm like you! I'm addicted to blogging, it's so much fun! And so far I've only met incredibly nice people. (I hope it stays that way)

the moonchild said...

hey there, just letting you know, i've given you a blog award! so come on by! (:

xx rena.



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