I Felt Like Death, But I Still Went Shopping.

Today was flat out. Mum woke me up really early because we have a hire car and we needed to get as much done as possible.

This morning I did my makeup more boring than simple, haha. I don't know about you but if I wake up and do my makeup straight away, my eyes water all day. So to avoid looking like an emotional blubbering mess, I stuck to the basics of foundation, blush, mascara and bold eyebrows. It's safe to say I'm not posting a fotd haha.

We first went to Brand Junction which is like a DFO (and for all you non Australian Bloggers - DFO and Brand Junction are just a big warehouse mall).

Brand Junction has Guess, Lolitta, Zu, Globalize, Cotton On, Novo etc etc etc etc. There are a lot of stores in there and they sell stuff DIRT cheap and when I say cheap, I mean two pair of shoes for $5 cheap. Not all of it is that cheap, obviously, but a good bargain can easily be found. It helps that hardly anyone goes there. Everyone is too busy thrashing DFO to make a middle of nowhere trip to Brand Junction.

I walked out of there with: (please excuse crappy webcam pics)

From Cotton On I got two skirts and a sequined beret.
(pictures are of the material pattern)

From Globalize I got five gelati coloured clutch bags (only the mint, lemon and purple are pictured) and two pair of gingham sneakers. Excuse edited/smudged face, my eyes looked weird because the photo was too dark.

From Guess I got two skirts in jumper/trackie pants material. The front is like a denim skirt and the back is ruffled. The first skirt colour is a faded mulberry and the second skirt is white. I also got a white makeup bag on sale for $10!!

I also got a few pair of tights from Cotton On, some makeup and jewelery but I'll be doing a post on those tomorrow when my digital camera is charged.

After Brand Junction we went to Barkly Square and bought some dvd's. Ever After, Mr Mom, Fallen and The Holiday. I have seen all of these movies and I love them. Fallen is a fantastic thriller with Denzel - Oh Denzel ;)


Anywho, Am off to be bored to death by the Tour De France.

Hope you all had a good day.



Anonymous said...

i have that exact guess makeup bag but mines in orange -its so cute with zebra stripes on the inside!!!
thanks for visiting my blog and i really like urs <3
xx mw

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to these kind of posts from you. I get excited to see what you got everytime. :)


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