Todays FOTD, Outfit & Dinner Outing.

Today was my cinema and dinner outing with my mate Tuesday. We didn't end up going to the cinema and dinner was more like afternoon tea but either way I had fun.

I was planning on doing a FOTD so I did my makeup nicely for once and then I didn't take any close ups so what a waste!!!

This was before I left the house. I had just washed and blow dried my hair.

I used fake Mac eyeliner, Chanel mascara, Infallible foundation, Bourjois pink blush and a Versace lipstick.

I wore a striped skirt and a black knit top.

It was hilarious because my brother and I walked to the bus stop together and it started to rain. I didn't have an umbrella or a hat in my handbag so I used my waterproof tote bag that is always folded into a coin purse cover. It came in handy for double use because it kept my hair dry and my brother stood 2 meters away from me so that people didn't think we were traveling together haha.

It didn't look THAT bad, did it? =\

I'm really angry because Tuesday took two really nice pictures of me but my camera froze so they deleted. GRRR. Here are some boring ones I took of myself at the end of the night.

Anddd here's a preview of Tuesday doing a strut back to the car..

These are photos of the gourmet chocolate we bought. $3 each, pfft, they'd wanna be gourmet! I got the top one, he got the other one plus about 5 more.

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Anonymous said...

It didn't look bad at all! :)


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