Knock Knock. Whos There? The Postman!

Geez that was quick!

On Monday I paid for this Yves Saint Laurent YSL Opium blush/eyes/highlighting palette and it has already arrived.

I bought it on Ebay for $9.

It is brand new in it's box and velvet pouch that has an eyeshadow applicator and blush applicator in an inside pocket of the pouch. Both applicators are stamped with the YSL logo.

I haven't had a chance to use it because yet because I like to test new cosmetics when I have nothing to do.

I test them when I'm at home because there is nothing worse than being out & about and realizing your allergic to your makeup when you start suffering from tears/leaking eyes or a skin rash.

I will swatch this palette tomorrow and do a photo post asap.

1 comment:

Kristie @ said...

That is gorgeous and such a steal! Can't wait for your review.


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