A Great Day Is Getting A Louis Vuitton Bag For $5.

Today was fantastic right from the get go. I woke up a bit late (10.30am), my makeup actually worked instead of resisting, my hair was still straight from yesterday, my skin was glowing and all my clothes were easily found.

It all went right for once. What a nice change to my usual aggravating morning of never being able to find one of my shoes, my eyeliner being bumpy, not being able to choose which lingerie set is appropriate to go under my skirt or dress, my phone being uncharged, my nail polish being chipped or my hair being greasy.

I love days like today. My brother had to change over three pair of jeans from his birthday. He got two new pairs that fit perfectly and a store voucher for the third pair.

After exchanging his jeans, he drove my mum and I to The Salvation Army (the op shop/thrift store) and as soon as I walked in the door I found a Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag. The tag said $9.99 and I knew it was fake when I opened it up because the lining was different than the original. It does bother me that it's fake. The price tag was blue and blue tag items are half price this week so for $5, who wouldn't buy it, even if it is fake? I probably wont wear it out because I am not a fan of designer fakes but I will use it in my room for storage. I can keep my lingerie in it or even my hats and beanies. I like interesting storage compartments. I seen that Christina Aguilera uses vintage suitcases in her wardrobe to hold her bags so why not use a bag to hold items too?


Turquoise and Lily said...

love the bag.. :) please do visit my blog too and follow if you like it.. have a nice day

Anonymous said...

:0 You lucky duck! I want to got to the SA today!


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