A Post About My Knight And Day.

I just got home from watching Knight And Day.

Let me just say that Tom Cruise is SEXY SEXY SEXY. I love him in action roles and the comedy was a nice touch. Cameron Diaz was great as always. I like her hair now that it's a bit longer and she has a big more plump in her face so she looks more like she did in her younger days.

The movie itself was good but I dunno, something was missing. It ended the way it should of but I just felt like I needed more so I hate to say it but it's not something that I'd rush out and buy on dvd.

Reading back over what I just wrote, I sound disappointed in the movie but I'm not. I liked it. I'd definitely watch it again without complaint and I actually look forward to watching it again down the track. It's just not something I'd get addicted to and watch on repeat.


Kristie said...

I thought it was pretty funny but yes some parts didn't quite click. Overall, entertaining movie.

Ria said...

I liked the movie quite a lot.Some parts were so unreal that made me like it more :)


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