Would You Be A Lady, A Snob Or A Saint?

If any of you remember, I did a post where I mentioned my old school chalky pink Red Earth lipstick that has been discontinued for around 7 years. I am always on the look out for the old Red Earth lipsticks so if you have any, new or used, please sell them to me!

I have given up on finding that same pink so instead, I am going to buy one of these Mac shades. I don't really care how much it costs because it is something I'd wear A LOT.

Do any of you have any of these shades?
Which one do you recommend?
Which one do you like?
Which one do you hate?
Are there any dupes for these lipsticks?

Seriously, I'd love some feedback.

Snob - Saint Germaine - Lady Gaga


Leah ♥ said...

I have snob and it okay...not something to wear everyday though.

a good and cheap dupe to snob or saint germain would be NYX lipstick in Narcissus (however you spell it) I found this girls blog and she has swatches:


I think you should go w/ lady gaga. I dont have it but heard so many good things about it

Anonymous said...

I think that Rimmel Londons "Pink Blush" lipstick is a good dupe for Lady Gaga. It's around $5 rather than $15 as well :)

Krissy said...

I agree with xoxosnowbunny - rimmel's pink blush is in this colour family, as is nyx narcissus. The lady gaga lipstick is a little hard to find, as its always sold out everywhere!
I find that snob sometimes looks a little unnatural, so I bought MAC Angel lipstick and its kinda like a toned down version of snob (on my skin anyway) and looks more natural.

And I dont know if this helps, but most priceline stores at the moment have a 50% clearance on red earth makeup (I think theyre clearing it out) and theres heaps of lipsticks! :)


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