Ciao, So Long, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, Farewell.

Ok, it's 9.07am.

I've just spent the last hour running in my house and back outside to my bungalow to organize my bags. If you haven't already guessed, I leave for my grandparents today. I know, I know, I'm a day or two behind.

I'll be gone for around 10 days. It's my birthday on the 2nd of August so I'll be gone for my birthday. First birthday away from my mummy lol. Nah just joking, she is coming to see me on my birthday. Which is good because I get to see her and because I get my presents on my actual birthday haha.

I wrote a list last night for what I'd like on my birthday. I already have a lot of stuff so the main thing I wanted was a DSLR camera. Preferably a Canon now that I've checked them out. There is one in JB HiFi for $850 so I said that if my mum and brother go halves, I'd put in $150 or $200 as well because that is one expensive-ass camera.


Some other things I put were just silly things like some movies I want my brother to download and put on a USB for me. Oh and a pink USB is on my birthday list too. Other than that I want a big jug of my brothers home made iced tea waiting for me in the fridge when I get home.

I don't wanna be greedy. Besides, at my grandparents house is about 40 parcels that my mum and I bought off Ebay so that will be like a birthday in itself. I'm most looking forward to my Fendi and YSL wallets the most. I've forgotten almost everything else. OoOoh I'm so exciteddddd. I can finally stop using my poor vintage Christian Dior black and gold wallet that I photographed a week back.

I'm using my $5 Vuitton bag today because I need a bag with a lot of room. I know I said I wouldn't take it out in public because it's 99% fake and I would have used my Miroir bag but like I've said in the past, it's like carrying a plasma tv under your arm it's so heavy. Plus It's bulky and blah. It's good for certain occasions and this is not one of them.

The other bag I'm using to carry a weeks worth of clothes (and shoes) is my mums chocolate brown Playboy overnight bag. I rolled all of my clothes into little sausages so I could fit more in. This technique will come in handy when I go overseas. My suitcase will be choc-a-block full of stuff. It's funny because my mum and I have the same Playboy overnight bag, hers is brown, mine is black. We got them on sale at Highpoint a while back. They were reduced to like $40 each from around $200 so we chose which colour we liked and bought them. I was cut they didn't have a pink one lol. So stereotypical.

Anyway, hate to go but it's time. Gotta call the taxi. There is no way I am carrying these two bags upto the corner and then catching a bus etc.

Have a good 10 days girls. I'm still hijacking my cousins internet, just don't know when it will be.

Take care, Peace.


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