Yeah, My Day.

What a day.

I shaved my legs in the morning so that was a smoother start (no pun intended lol), but then I got a text message from my friend telling me that he has found out his girlfriend is cheating on him. I did the right thing and offered him a shoulder to cry on... and he did. As you all know, the last week has been pretty crappy for me and helping him out really took a toll on me. I have the worst stress headache/migraine you can imagine. My brain is pulsating inside my skull.

I just took 2 Nurofen Zavance so hopefully it doesn't last much longer. I stopped on the way home from his house to get some fish and chips but they were closed. I ended up getting chips & gravy and two kebabs for my mum, brother and I to share. The guy who works in the chicken shop is GORGEOUS. More than gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as the guy who works in the barbers shop. At least Mohammed (chicken shop guy) had the guts to talk to me. The hottie from the barbers shop just stares at me from behind the glass window.

He has recently started smiling and purposely moving forward to get a better look but he is still lacking in communication. How disappointing.

What isn't disappointing is the fact that Tuesday has finished my laptop!!! He is going to a friends birthday tonight so I will get my baby back around 10pm. I'll be doing a huge picture post when I see whats left on there.

Hopefully he doesn't give me a doggy bag back with 10 screws that were left over after he installed my new harddrive.

You know my fingers are crossed for what folders I get back.
Please please please please please let them be there.


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