Don't Stand So Close To Me.

My brother spent most of the day listening to the Police and other 80s music so mum and I cleaned the house until it was spotless.

Last night I only got to have 5 hours sleep so after some cleaning, I had burned up what little energy I had in me. Mum told me I needed a nap so I found a comfortable position on the couch, snuggled up in a rug and had Cleo, Rocky and Tommy pile onto me.

Dogs have the best life, mine do anyway. They sleep literally upto 19 hours a day. Even if its not sleep, they're still curled up in a ball resting. Montana is the worst though, he snores louder than any boyfriend I've ever had or relative I've ever heard. I even think he rivals my grandparents - and they each snore so loud that one of them has to wave the white flag and go into a spare room half way through the night just so they can sleep in peace haha.

Anyway, I'm not a snoring person, I talk in my sleep. It starts off with a word or two coming through from a dream I'm having and can eventually turn into a full fledged conversation if someone is there asking me questions while I'm sleeping. I never remember or know whats going on, but my mum and I are the worst of talking in our sleep.

Mum (Scarlet) has great one liners when she is sleeping. Just incoherent rants with one sentence that is translate-able. 'Put the lid on the fish and chips' was my favourite up until two weeks ago when it was 'A woh bam a loo buh, a woh bam boo to you'. For all of you non-Grease fans, that is the intro to a song at the end of the movie when they are at the carnival. She hadn't seen the movie in over a year but it was on her mind obviously.

I have millions of photos of my mum but not on this computer. Here is a photo of her and her 3 younger brothers. I'll have to get back to you on a date because it's really hard for me to tell. I'd like to say it was mid 80s but like I said, it's hard for me to tell. Either way my mum was already a mum in this photo. She had my brother and then had me a few years later. She wanted to have more children but unfortunately cancer runs really strong in the women in our family.

Sorry to abruptly run off but I have to go, dogs need to be fed.



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