A Slight Breeze Of Cosmetics Or A Strong Wind Of Cosmetic Surgery?

A celeb denying cosmetic surgery? No shock there.

I know she says she hasn't had any work done but after looking at photos of Kim Kardashian taken within the last two months, I cant help but wonder if its just FANTASTIC makeup and skin products or if she has had injections etc.

Her skin looks so tight, almost stretched. Under her eyes looks perfect, no puffiness or sunken look. Sort of like they filled under her eyes in with clay, so it sits the same as her cheeks do. Plus shes almost 30.. and not one single crows foot?! Come on, I'm 22 and I can already see very faint smile lines beside my eyes, that's just life! (I have started using face creams daily.)

The fact Kim is a lot thinner than before may play a big part but I dunno, she is starting to have a bit of a plastic alien-barbie look and it's not just this day. I have seen 20 or 30 different photos of different days where she looks unnaturally vacuum-sealed tight in the face.

It also cant be that she has grown into her features because she was already a woman/adult when she first came into the spotlight.

The only thing that has changed that I can think of has been her weight. She was always slim, even when the media dubbed her as overweight, fat etc.. But she has never been bigger than an Australian size 10, which is pretty damn slim to me. It's not like she was obese and is now suddenly petite so I just don't see how she can look as latex tight as she does.

I'm just hoping this isn't another Catherine Zeta Jones that eventually loses her exotic look. Despite the fact that Catherine Zeta Jones is still extraordinary. I just feel she looks less gypsy cross with a Celtic princess, than she used to.

Kim Kardashian (in my opinion) needs to be very, very, very careful. She can look incredibly beautiful BUT one injection can tip the scale between uber babe and looking like a hurricane wind blew in front of her... and never stopped.



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