Postman Pat With His Big Weird Hat

There was a time where every day at 1.30 I would hear a knock on the door and no matter if I was in the shower, doing the dishes, rearranging my room, my super sensitive hearing would zone in on that tap, tap, tap and I'd run to the door like my house was on fire.

It was my postman & his ever changing, never less than strange hat. Always one for shopping online to find a bargain, it went from deliveries once a fortnight to once a day almost. Then we moved house. I had to leave poor Pat & his hat behind (not sure what his name was but the postie is always Pat in my mind - which is good because its a unisex name & rhymes with hat).
Anyway, we moved house and I got my mail redirected. The postbox is about a 10 minute drive away which was no bother when we first moved but when your car thinks it's Christine and has a mind of her own, then it becomes a BIG problem. What was only a drive to the next suburb is now 2 buses and a train trip just to get there.

I am constantly having to ask my friends to give me a lift there, which is hard because they work regular hours at regular jobs and the post office is only open regular hours. I usually just end up going late Tuesday night - which is fine, but when all you get out of the box is 10 small parcels that were somehow shoved in there from Hong Kong & the UK, you look at those red and white striped 'parcel waiting inside' slips and your heart hangs low while your mind starts to wonder if your Gucci heels have arrived, or maybe the cable knit Ralph Lauren jumpers are in there, being held prisoner by the post office and only meters away. It's times like those that I wish I was a master thief so I could pick the lock of the post office & go inside to save my parcels. It's not stealing if they are yours, right? ;)

I think the hardest part about that scenario is the fact that the post office is directly opposite a police station. I could just catch the 2 buses and a train to the post office in normal business hours but the fact that I know its a 10 minute drive but takes 40 minutes with public transport (if it's running on time) is where I draw the line. I have a business to launch, I don't have the time to waste almost 2 hours on public transport. Who does?!

Like I was saying yesterday, I asked Bertie Beetle to take me as he finished work at 2.30 and lives a few blocks away. It took him an hour to get here because he needed to have a shower and sit down to relax for a while but we made it there before the post office closed and you all know how many parcels were waiting. I'm veryyyyy pleased to say that yes my Gucci heels were there and yes the Ralph Lauren cable knit jumpers were there (and it's about time, I'm freezing!)

It's 6pm, it's dark, I'm sitting on the couch in my loungeroom with one eye on V for Vendetta and the other eye on cropping images for our website, wearing my new Guess sunglasses & Ralph Lauren jumper and sipping a can of coke. You can say I'm a multi tasker.

I have taken some photos of a few of the items I got from the post office. Hope you like em. Dior necklace, Chanel perfume cases, Pierre Cardin scarf, Burberry 'blue label' bag and a vintage Escada belt.

Let me end this entry by saying that I find Stephen Fry extremely sexy in an older gent/barrister/school teacher kind of way. He is incredibly charismatic.



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