All Is Fair In Hair And War

I always say I have a devil on my shoulder when I'm tempted to do bad things.

It's usually most used in refrence to my blonde obsession. I have naturally light hair. I was blonde until primary school, then went to a light brown. My mum Scarlet is naturally a mouse blonde. I have been dying my hair jet black since I was 13. That's 9 long years of the black hair dye running through my strands. With a few exceptions of bad choices throughout the years. Here are some examples of those bad habits.

It starts with a 'little strip of bleach and some fudge in the fringe wont damage your hair'.

Then turns into 'go a slow healthy process for your hair, half a head of foils wont hurt'.

Soon after being nudged into a 'whole head of tips', my hair looks like I've dipped it in milk chocolate. Which isn't too bad, but it's boring as hell.

'Just add a little more bleach. It'll be blonde soon..' but it's all copper & brass from here.

With impatience setting in quickly, he whispers 'dark red fudge is the way to go'.

The colour not being as bold as he wanted, the devil in my ear forces my hand & convinces me to bleach it again and once more just to be sure.. Then applies a cherry bomb & pink flamingo fudge all over - leaving me with this.

When it's all said and done, I get bored very easily.

My hair started off as this.

& ended up as scraggy old..

Which forced me to cut it to this..

So after a year of it not growing at all, I wake up one day after not straightening, curling or messing with my hair at all, only to find that my hair has finally forgiven me and grown back in what seems overnight.

As you can see, it's back down to my waist/bum.

I guess the point to all of this is that whenever my hair looks fantastic, healthy and super long, I go ahead and stuff it up. It starts small but it always ends up in disaster and I always end up back to black. So I did what every normal bleach addict does - I bleached someone elses hair to get it out of my system.

My mum.

She was a California blonde (as you can JUST see in the last photo with me) which is a sandy yellow/nothing blonde.

She is now a platinum white blonde. Stunning.

It's all thanks to these WONDERFUL items.

And with NO damage, hair loss or melting what-so-ever might I add :)

The bad thing is that I can hear the words being whispered even as I type this.

'If it worked on her, why wouldn't it work on you? Take it slow, do it right and you can be blonde in no time - with close to no damage.'

The only difference is that now I know the voice is talking shit.

Photos of my mums hair will be posted tomorrow.



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