She's Ready For Red..

My mum has only ever been two hair colours in her life, blonde and black. 

Blonde is beautiful, as we are naturally fair. She has olive skin and striking reptile green eyes so of course blonde is going to be dreamy on her but lately she has started to lose the glow that blonde hair usually gives her.

We knew that she needed to change it up a bit and that if she couldn't be blonde, she definitely couldn't go back to black.. Mainly because when she has black hair, it looks like she was acting in one of those scenes where the person is standing under a construction site and an oil drum spills over them.. Either that or I could just hand her a straw broom and listen to her cackle as she flies away on it. 

By now you should have gotten the point that black hair on my mum is obviously not a good thing.

What else is there though? The whole two tone thing is not an option and brown looks dull on most people, so that's out.. And then **lightbulb** 


Red is a terrifying word when your a blonde. It's a horribly scary word indeed. 
You spend your life trying to eliminate any red and orange so to even suggest it, should be considered madness.. Unless you've been watching Body Of Proof, Unforgettable, Prime Suspect, True Blood, Pretty Woman, Thomas Crown Affair, Assassins, Grumpy Old Men or The Wedding Date (like we have).. 

What do those movies and tv shows have in common, you ask? 

All the main actresses are REDHEADS and they look AMAZING!

Poppy Montgomery, Debra Messing, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, Ann Margaret..  
Just to name a few.. All drop dead gorgeous redheads.. 

So today we went out in search of the perfect red for my mum to try. 

Of course with such a dramatic change you can't just slap it on your hair and hope for the best, so I did test strands on some of my microbead extensions and out of all four colours, none of them were the right shade. It's hard because we don't want a colour too orange and we don't want something too dark or too bright.. Finding that perfect auburn red is going to be harder than we thought. 

We wanted to make sure the colours really weren't the right match so we did two colour strips in mums hair. They were NOT a success.. 

The top photo was our most likely contender as her base colour - that we nicknamed Dead Duck because it was such a flat and boring colour.

The second photo was the one we were scared would be too 'cartoonish'.. And we were right. 

It's a bonus that the second colour is actually the perfect colour for my girlfriend Monicah. She spends a small fortune getting me to dye her hair with fudge every three weeks so this should help her purse quite a bit!

As for my mums hair? I'll update you when we find her perfect shade :)

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